Autochartist to help you trade better

Our technical analysis tool is backed by Autochartist to help you make well-informed and profitable decisions by scanning the market for patterns and automatically notifying traders about potential opportunities. Autochartist takes care of 24h monitoring and complex identification of characteristic formations, so that traders can concentrate on selecting the best potential trades.

With powerful reporting and customization options, Autochartist can be tailored to best suit a trader’s style and preferences, displaying alerts only for trades with a desired level of probability of success based on historical data. When receiving email notifications, traders can execute their transactions directly by email without the need to open the trading platform they use.

Additionally, with Volatility analysis, clients can set stop loss levels in accordance with predicted market volatility and receive information on volatility patterns throughout the day, helping them mitigate risk and trade within their comfortable levels of risk-taking.

Benefits of the solution:

Autochartist is available as a plugin for MT4 and as a Web App for convenient alerts and faster decision-making

The Demo version works with a delay of 5 candles.

Please note that past results are not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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