Our Firm


TradeBNP is one of the most innovative brokers on the Forex arena, offering advanced solutions for new and experienced traders, contemporary platforms, and excellent liquidity. Our team is made up of experienced professionals working to help clients invest confidently, trading within a safe and well regulated environment.

Our aim

TradeBNP is a place created by traders for traders combining extensive experience to cover all online trading needs. We specialize in Forex, index, and commodity trading.

TradeBNP applies the latest technology to achieve easy and simple trading and allow traders to focus on their goals without having to worry about the fine details. The company aims to continuously innovate, improve, and help its clients achieve their goals.


We have developed our service and our support practices to free our clients’ time and resources, allowing them to concentrate on developing their strategies and pursuing the next big goal. We ensure a secure, intuitive, and user-friendly environment where our clients feel safe and confident.


At the heart of our company lie values like integrity, security, innovation, and the pursuit of success, to create a service supporting the prosperity and success of clients, partners, and our own employees.


One of a broker’s main goals is to ensure the safety of the trading environment, and we take this task very seriously. We use SSL protection, keep segregated accounts to separate our clients’ funds, and take every measure to provide seamless and safe trading.

To minimize risk and enjoy the numerous advantages of membership, please don’t hesitate to join us today.

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