Safety Of Funds

Segregated accounts add an extra layer of security for our clients, as private funds are always separated from those of the company. All TradeBNP clients will have a secure segregated accounts independent of our own. This way, there is a clear separation between groups of funds and money is always used only for its intended purpose. In an adverse event affecting the firm, funds belonging to clients are protected and can easily be identified.

TradeBNP keeps all funds with the Barclays headquarters in the UK.

Separation of funds is ensured at all times. TradeBNP has selected Barclays as a reputable and reliable partner to ensure the best possible service for our clients. We will never use client money for our own operations or any investment and will ensure their protection at all times.

Barclays is one of the top-ranking banks in the European Union with over 300 years in the business. It operates through 200+ branches in more than 50 countries all over the world, servicing 48 million customers worldwide and generating over GBP 20 billion in revenue.

Investor Compensation Fund:

The Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) was started in accordance with the Investment Firms (IF) Law 2002 as amended and the Establishment and Operation of an Investor Compensation Fund for customers of CIFs Regulations of 2004 issued under the IF Law.

ICF secures claims of covered clients against ICF members by compensating clients in the event that a company is not able to fulfil its obligations as a result of long-term financial difficulties.

ICF serves to cover Retail Clients of CIFs and does not serve Professional Clients and Eligible Counterparties.

Covered Clients of an ICF member company can receive payable compensation regardless of the number of accounts held, currency, and place of offering the investment service.

This policy has been adopted to ensure the protection of your trades as an investor with TradeBNP.

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