Forex Money Manager

Forex Money Manager

With Money manager, you have the opportunity to customize and simplify management of trading accounts for your clients. Enjoy improved flexibility, ease of use, and automated calculation of commissions to make trading as straightforward as possible.

Money Manager allows you to customize all conditions in your MAM/PAMM trading accounts. You’ll have access to very competitive margins, as well as an option for a mark-up-free account with a focus on fees and profitability within MAM/PAMM. Money Manager can be customized in accordance with your preferences, including performance fees, leverage, margin calls, account currency, etc.

Commissions are credited in real time, and performance fees can be calculated at any time.

Funds can be moved at any time without seriously affecting trade activity, and in the rare cases of issues associated with open trade drawdown, our client support will assist you to find a solution that benefits all parties involved.

TradeBNP Money Manager provides access to all of our trading products, with vast customization options allowing you to charge your clients according to your personal rates, control your commission, and provide easy access to deposits and withdrawals for your clients, plus leading analytics in support of your trading.

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